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Holistic Bodywork 

An invitation to re-center within your body to encourage nervous system regulation & re-harmonizing of energy.

Therapeutic Massage

Alannah is a BC RMT and draws from her extensive training in western anatomy & kinesiology in combination with eastern sciences to create a balanced & therapeutic treatment. 

Energy Alchemy

Integrative treatments designed to reharmonize Qi (energy) flow within the body and attune to energetic blocks by observing holding patterns within bodies tissues & meridian channels. 


An ancient form of healing through channeling universal energy (Ki) to aid in rebalancing ones Chakra system, aura, and energy held in their body, healing on an emotional, physical, & spiritual level. 

Sound Healing

Re-harmonize your energetic biofield with the healing vibrations of crystal bowls. Sound healing affects our physical & energetic body, encouraging neural re-alignment & consciousness expansion.

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The Transformative Practice of Breath 

An integration of pranayama, kundalini kriya, meditation & introspective reflection. 


This is a monthly online series which encourages you to establish consistency in a daily breathing practice. We gather live 3 mornings per week & move progressively as your practice begins to build & integrate. Classes are held on zoom & are recorded. First series is set to begin in September.

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EXPAND Breathwork Sessions In person & Virtual

In this one on one session you will get started in exploring a regular breathing practice by co-creating a program that suites your needs & goals. This session is a blend of guided meditation, pranayama, hands on adjustments, & Reiki. This session is for those looking to EXPAND their awareness of body, mind, and spirit by exploring subconscious holding patterns through the power of their breath & energetic re-alignment. 

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Embodiment Workshops

Attune to your highest self by returning to your bodies sensations & energetic frequency through mindfulness based practices.

A Journey Through Breath & Sound

A transformational 2 hour journey where you will experience the power of sound healing & pranayama in an intentionally created ceremony. A safe space to gather in community, turn inward, feel, & return to your center. 

Join us on August 21, 10-12pm @ Wild Coast Yoga Studio

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