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Holistic Bodywork 

An invitation to re-center within your body to encourage nervous system regulation & re-harmonizing of energy.

Therapeutic Massage

Alannah is a BC RMT and draws from her extensive training in western anatomy & kinesiology in combination with eastern sciences to create a balanced & therapeutic treatment. 

Energy Alchemy

Integrative treatments designed to reharmonize Qi (energy) flow within the body and attune to energetic blocks by observing holding patterns within bodies tissues & meridian channels. 


An ancient form of healing through channeling universal energy (Ki) to aid in rebalancing ones Chakra system, aura, and energy held in their body, healing on an emotional, physical, & spiritual level. 

Sound Healing

Re-harmonize your energetic biofield with the healing vibrations of crystal bowls. Sound healing affects our physical & energetic body, encouraging neural re-alignment & consciousness expansion.

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Embodiment Workshops

Attune to your highest self by returning to your bodies sensations & energy through mindfulness based practices. Workshops are created for a safe space to gather in community, turn inward, & return to your center. 

Candlelight Spirit Hour

Come gather in a safe and intentional group as we allow our bodies & minds the space to relax, soften, & reflect. 

This series is a progressive deep dive into the energetics of fall from a Chinese medicine lens. We will explore gentle somatic movement and yin asana, cleansing breathwork, & introspective reflections to better support ourselves through the darker seasons. 

Next Series:

Wednesday nights beginning November 9 - 30 

7:00 - 8:15pm

$80 for series or $20 drop in (space is limited)

Held at West Coast Esthetics & Healing Studio 

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An online monthly membership for those looking to dive deeper into their health & wellness.

~ Launching January 2023~



Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Weekly live embodiment classes Mondays 6:30-7:30am PST via zoom
  • Full access to all recorded classes
  • Additional content such as recorded meditations, movement based classes, & breathwork sessions to deepen your experience  
  • Access to the INTEGRATE 21-day meditation challenge
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