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Holistic healing & energetic transformation

Holistic healing
& energetic transformation
Connect to your intuition through exploration of somatic movement & embodiment practices.
Shift patterns that are no longer serving you by attuning to your body, mind & inner power.
Re-center with ritual & embody the interconnectedness between you and all of creation.   
Explore a shedding of layers by activating & transforming energetic stagnancy.


Meet Alannah,

Registered massage therapist, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner 
Alannah is passionate about weaving together sessions that offer you the space to anchor into the liminal healing experience. She approaches her sessions with intentional energy & attention, bringing with her a wide range of tools to meet you exactly where you are.
As a BC RMT, her primary
modality is therapeutic massage which she sees as a gateway to exploring deeper energetic holding patterns within the body. She is also a 3rd-year acupuncture student which has broadened her lens on how she understands the body as a system, disharmony, & pain & is continually expanding her knowledge in both eastern and western modalities as she views them all complimentary to the process of ones healing journey.
Alannah is a multi-passionate practitioner & believes that by stepping into your truest authentic expression you are not only assisting your body into harmony, you're creating magnetism which attracts all that you truly desire in life. Her intention is to help others in returning to trust within their own inner guidance through exploring somatic practices which expand their body and mind awareness. 
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What is an embodiment practice?


A method of connecting to the unique sensations of your body as a tool to develop awareness, practice presence, regulate your nervous system, and feel empowerment within, & connected to yourself and health.
The intention is to re-establish an awareness of how the body responds to certain stimuli. Working with the nervous system and brain, one can cultivate a sense of self and can begin to recognize patterns of thought, emotions, or habits that may or may not be supporting you wholly. 
Mindfulness practices that encourage body awareness such as yoga, conscious breathing, dancing, meditation, qi gong, & somatic therapy are some examples.



Therapeutic massage, Reiki, sound healing, & traditional Chinese medicine




Reconnect to the energetics of your mind, body & spirit. 



For those looking to dive deeper into their health and integrate practices into everyday life.


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The art of integrative & holistic healing


Everything is energy.

Western science calls it atoms & molecules, eastern science calls it Qi, Ki, & Prana. This theory is seen in many ancient cultures and describe the same thing - energetic life force. It is within us, outside of us, and all around us - from humans, plants, animals, & all of creation. It is the force which allows for growth, transformation, and development of all things. 

Our mind and bodies are constantly being influenced by thoughts, feelings, emotions, the external environment, & all of life's experiences. Our nervous systems are intelligent in how it stores this feedback. When any of these are not processed they can disrupt the smooth flow of Qi within our bodies, leading to pain, illness, or disharmony of our many systems. The work of a holistic practitioner is to recognize holding patterns within the physical, mental-emotional, & spiritual body, & help to facilitate the transformation of energetic stagnation so one can re-harmonize & re-align. 

A holistic approach to health is rooted in the understanding that our mind, body, and spirit work as an ecosystem - communicating through our neural networks to support and manage us wholly.  Developing your intuitive wisdom is a powerful practice that works as a catalyst in creating the shifts you desire to see in your well-being. Learning to embody your power & truth will help you feel more purpose within every facet of your life. 

There is no separation between ourselves, the earth, universe, or greater collective. When one can begin to heal themselves, the ripple effect flows outward to all, lighting the path to an expansive & purposeful human experience. 

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I respectively acknowledge that I reside & work within the traditional territories of the T'Sou-ke & Kwakiutl First Nations.